Normalization and MRI images

Is it available to normalize the data onto the standard templete? How can I get anatomical MRI (T1-weighted) images of monkeys? If avaiable now, do you have plan to open them? Thanks, Akitoshi Ogawa

Anatomical MRI data

Yes, we have anatomical MRI data in all monkeys. It is available upon request. However, electrode locations are mapped subjectively with combining simple X-ray image and MRI image. We are now developing a tool that can automatically locate electrode locations on MRI, but it is not ready yet.

Electrode localization update?

Hi, thanks for continuing to provide the community with lots of monkey ECoG data! Has the electrode localization been performed (in particular for Su and K2)? I am willing to take a look at localizing the electrodes onto the F99 surface in caret, has this already been done? Additionally, who is the best person to contact for the extra MRI and CT scans? Thanks! Jerry