EEG and ECoG simultaneous recording

[Task Description]

We have recorded ECoG and EEG signals simultaneously from the same monkey. We implanted 128 channels ECoG array that covered entire lateral cortical surface of left hemisphere with every 5 millimeter spacing. EEG signal was recorded from 19 channels. Location of the EEG electrodes was determined by 10-20 systems without Cz, because the location of Cz interfered with a connector of ECoG.
ECoG and EEG data were sampled at 1,000Hz and 4,096Hz respectively.

The monkey was seated in a primate chair with eyes closed and both arms tied. The monkey was injected anesthetic drug during the recording.
S1: Resting condition, S2: Anesthetic condition, S3: Recovery condition

EEG data in S1, S2 and S3 were downsampled from 4096 Hz to 1000Hz.
We uploaded new datasets ( S11: Resting condition, S12: Anesthetic condition, S13: Recovery condition). These EEG data were not downsampled. (7/12/2011)

We modified file name. (8/17/2011)

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